SadaBiz: Revolutionizing International Freelance Payments for Pakistanis in 2023

Are you a freelancer struggling to bring your hard-earned income home? Do the complexities of currency conversion and payment processing frustrate you? If you’re looking to simplify your freelance journey, this blog will introduce you to how SadaBiz is transforming payment processing, allowing you more time to focus on your craft.

In Pakistan, freelancers are now taking on international projects more than ever before. Despite being one of the world’s largest gig economies, receiving payments from abroad has remained a significant challenge for Pakistanis.

The Challenges Before SadaBiz

Before SadaBiz, freelancers in Pakistan faced monumental challenges. Cross-border payment solutions were as rare as unicorns, and even if found, accessing them resembled navigating a maze. Those lucky enough to have accounts still encountered obstacles like exorbitant fees and dismal customer support.

SadaBiz: Simplifying International Payments

SadaBiz emerged as a game-changer, breaking down borders and providing freelancers with a reliable platform to connect with global clients. It facilitates various methods of transferring money, giving freelancers access to international projects and ensuring prompt payments at unbeatable exchange rates.

No More Currency Conversion Confusion

SadaBiz resolved the perpetual headache of currency exchange for Pakistani freelancers. Converting earnings from foreign clients into Pakistani rupees often led to substantial losses due to unfavorable rates and hidden fees. SadaBiz offers the best exchange rates, allowing freelancers to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Say Goodbye to Payment Processing Hassles

SadaBiz streamlined the payment process, making it incredibly simple. Freelancers only need to enter the amount, generate an invoice, and send a payment link to their clients. Payments are processed within 2 business days, allowing freelancers to concentrate on their work without worrying about financial logistics.

Connect with Your Freelance Tribe

SadaPay’s commitment to inclusivity extends to nurturing a vibrant community of freelancers in Pakistan. SadaSchool, a transformative initiative, teaches, connects, and empowers freelancers across the nation. From free courses to cutting-edge AI tools and engaging lectures by industry experts, SadaSchool provides the support and knowledge freelancers need to thrive.


Building a Stronger Freelance Community

The future of freelancing in Pakistan looks promising with SadaBiz paving the way for a new wave of freelancers. It’s more than just a mobile wallet; it’s a financial partner that solves money problems and ensures freelancers get paid promptly. With SadaBiz and SadaSchool, Pakistan’s potential to become a global hub for freelancers is becoming a reality. Join us and let’s build a stronger, more connected freelance community together.

How to Get Paid Through SadaBiz:

Here’s how you can start earning through SadaBiz:

Login to SadaPay app and navigate to the more tab. Then click on “Open a business account”

Next, follow the steps on the screen and get your business account verified. It will take 2-3 days to verify your account. Here’s a little secret: If you share your freelancer profile from fiverr, UpWork, or another such freelancing platform, you will get a SadaBiz account quick verified.

Once your account is approved you’ll navigate to the more tab once again and this time tap the “Switch to Business account” button

Now it’s time to get paid! tap on the “Get Paid” tile and click on “New payment” – you’ll be able to enter a USD amount you’d like your client to pay

Once you’re done you’ll be able to generate a payment link. Send this to your client (WhatsApp, email, SMS – your choice). SadaBiz will do the rest and get you your money within two business days.

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